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Barisha Sarbojonin Durgostav


Puja Details

Name of the Puja / Club : Barisha Sarbojanin Durgotsav
Commonly known as : Barisha Sarbojanin
Puja Type : Sarbojanin (Barowari) Puja
Inaugural Year : 1948
Zone : Behala
Address : 35, K. K. Roy Chowdhury Road, Barisha, Kolkata - 700 008.
Locality / Landmark : Barisha Town Library
City : Kolkata
State : West Bengal
Pincode / Zipcode : 700 008
Country : India
Puja Website : --

One of the most ancient and traditionally bounded parts of vast Behala is “Barisha”. This expanded area includes the historic place Atchala along with Dadosh Shiv Mondir which are very famous. The above mentioned places are the centre of attraction of all the cultural activities and are of unlimited cultural importance. The fame of the Saborno Roychowdhury family of Barisha is heard all over the world.

At present this family celebrates Durga puja with great splendour and this is one of the spectacular spot of attraction which is included in West Bengal Governments special puja tour package. About 65 years ago, the initiative of some enthusiastic youth gave birth to Barisha Sarbojonin Durgotsab in the year 1949. Many people expressed their doubt about this idea because at that point of time Durga puja was performed only in their Thakurdalana of the Roychowdhury family. But the members of Barisha Sarbojonin Durgotsab Committee, namely Sree Surendranath Roychowdhury, Sree Tulsi Roychowdhury, Sree Parbaticharan Roychowdhury, Sree Annadacharan Mitra and others took an initiative to extend the durga puja to a much larger scale by including the families of the entire locality. With this objective Barisha Sarbojonin Durgotsab was started and is continuing till now very successfully. Later on people like Sree Jibon Mukherjee, Sree Shyamacharan Mitra, Sree P.K.Roychowdhury and Sree Santosh Roychowdhury took the responsibility of this puja.

Though we have lost many of the above members, but the path they have shown is still followed by the present generation, as a result of which Barisha Sarbojonin Durgotsab is worth watching. Every year the local people extend their helping hands for the prosperity and the advancement of the puja. Since last 8 years Barisha Sarbojonin Durgotsab has been awarded with many prizes from different circles and Thana Sammanoy Committees. This is our 65th year of durga puja celebration. We are sure like the previous years; this year too people from all walks of life will join us spontaneously to make our invocation of Mother Goddess a great success.

The members of Barisha Sarbojanin Durgotsab Committee are very social and engage themselves in various sorts of social activities as per needs of the society from time to time. The Puja bears a symbol of traditional and cultural heritage. The members not only give importance for organizing the Durga Puja and remain dormant rest of the year. But instead, they perform social activities throughout the year from time to time showing their social awareness.

  1. Organizing Blood Donation Camp once after the DurgaPuja and maintaining list of direct donors of the locality.
  2. Donating money to provide financial assistance to a poor woman for her daughter's marriage.
  3. Donating money to "The Lily Foundation", Kolkata towards expenses for purchase of new exercise books and copies for the poor roadside children to help them to become literate.
  4. Donating money for fooding of the poor street side children.
  5. Bearing the cost of study and tuition of local home servants and arranging of tuition classes regularly thrice a week to make them literate.
  6. Arranging direct donors for Blood donation to patients in emergency and critical surgical procedure.
  7. Collection of funds and old clothes from the residents of our locality to help the poor and distressed people, who were affected badly by Aila.
  8. Giving honor and rewards to intelligent and extraordinary children of the locality for brilliant results in Class-X and Class-XII Th standards.

1) Lions Club
2) New Times
3) International from Canada, etc.

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