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Singhi Park Sarbojonin


Puja Details

Name of the Puja / Club : Singhi Park Sarbojonin
Commonly known as : Singhi Park
Puja Type : Sarbojanin (Barowari) Puja
Inaugural Year : 1941
Zone : South Kolkata
Address : Fort Terrazzo, 5, Ramani Chatterjee Road, Kolkata - 700 029
Locality / Landmark : 5, Ramani Chatterjee Road
City : Kolkata
State : West Bengal
Pincode / Zipcode : 700 029
Country : India
E-mail :
Puja Website :
Find us :

The illustrious history of Singhi Park Durga Puja dates back to 1941. The pioneer of this Puja in its initial years of celebration was Late Birendranath Mustafi who was ably assisted by Late Lalit Mohon Mitra, Late Nolini Mohon Shastri, Late Soumendu Nath Sinha, Late Rajanath Banerjee etc. During this long journey of 71 years, the puja has been established as one of the most prestigious pujas of Kolkata, gaining the acceptance of the local community whole-heartedly.

In its early years, the puja was funded by the organisers themselves and no subscription was collected from the localities. At that time, when the puja was started in an under developed area called Singhi Park owned by the Singhi family . Even electrification had not been complete until another 10-15 years. As a result the place would be quite deserted at night . During 1955-56 the area was cleaned and Singhi Park Durga Puja Committee could manage to construct a big structure along with a stage where various cultural programs were held daily, organized by the local residents during the puja. Various competitions on Bijaya Dashami, food and game stalls etc. contributed to the look of a fair.

Durga Puja is a term synonymous with Bengalis. As autumn sets in and there is festivity in the air and joy in our hearts, we usher in the Mother Goddess, the harbinger of all things good and the defeater of all evil. It is the Festival of Festivals, a celebration of history, art, culture, music, food, community cooperation and happiness that transcends age, generation, gender and race. Celebrated with a pomp and fervor seen in very few places across the world, it is comparable to the likes of the Rio Carnival.

The environment has radically changed now. The open grounds have been replaced by buildings. Hence, for a number of years the pandal is being erected on the road. But that hasn't affected the immense repute and heritage of the puja. In fact, it has been increasing over the years. Quite in contrast to the current trend of "theme" pujas , Singhi Park has still continued the traditional way of worshipping the "Mother Goddess " and maintained itself as a class apart.

However a contemporary touch is always visible in our puja. Over the years, the pandal creation has been very innovative and as always accompanied by magical illuminations from Chandannagore. The traditional Ekchala pratima pattern is also maintained, being one of the highest pratima of Kolkata. The concept and design is done by renowned artisan Sri Prodip Rudra Pal.

The Singhi Park community bhog is the blessed food of the Durga Puja, a ritual meal lasting three days of the annual religious ceremony. Anyone can join our Durga Puja bhog and it isn't uncommon to see an affluent professional sitting beside a destitute child, both sharing the goddess' blessings.

Singhi Park Sarbojanin - Fort Terrazzo, 5, Ramani Chatterjee Road , Kolkata - 700 029.


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